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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Johanna Rommens

MGY376November 28 Conjugationfocus of tomorrows lab Can pass from one species to another from one bacterium to another Broad host rangesselfconjugative plasmids haveNeeds conjugative plasmid that codes for pilluso Ex F factoro Finds receptor on F draws the two bacteria together so cell walls touch then genetic material passes through In our Hfr experiment screen for five different factors Experiment 1Auxotroph become prototrophic as result of gene transfero Auxotrophs are negative for five factorsrecipiento Must have selection against donor to measure gene transferin our case antibiotic resistancedonor sensitive to streptomycin recipient is resistant Only recipient strains will grow Experiment 2Need physical contactusing U tubewith filter that does not allow bacteria to go through with recipient in one arm donor in other armo No prototrophso Must have contact with conjugative pillus o Not free DNA passing from one DNA to another Mechanismo Single stranded DNA goes into recipient Complementary strand made in both donor and recipiento In the end both becomes FRequire
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