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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
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Johanna Rommens

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stMGY376October 31 2011Use same formula as before to calculate the organismsmLsee first lab for formulaBIOCHEMICAL TESTS CONTINUEDCitrate testmeasures citrate lyase o Citrate lyase works under anaerobic conditionso Cleaves citrate to oxylo o Get pyruvateand CO2 o Colour change because CO2 goes off leaves counter ion behindo Three negative charges on citrate o Enzyme useful for differentiating enterobacteria API tests are geared towards enterobacteria QUESTIONwhat is IMVIC mean o C is citrateo Tests are good for differentiating different enterobacteria from each othero I is indolefirst I Indole testone of the ways which tryptophan can be broken down One way is TDA tryptophan deaminaseproduce indole pyruvic acid and ammoniay Indole pyruvic acid interacts with therric chloridego brown instead of yellow Some bacteria like protease use tryptophan deaminase whereas other enterobacteria like E coli produce indole Indole being produced in indole test Indole and pyruvic acido React with Kovacs to give colouro Can differentiate between enterobacteria that uses one versus other M is methyl redgives you mixed acid fermentersV is VP testgives acidtoan productCitratewhether have citrateHave these tests can differentiate lot of enterobacteria which are otherwise difficult to differentiate from ea h otherGELATINProtein that forms gel Actual way the test done is to suspend these black carbon particles which if gel stays as gel particles cannot move in solution
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