MGY 377

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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

MGY 377 Oct24 LectureGenomicsSequenceFirst genomes are the phages small genomeThen we move on to bigger genomesHe didnt go through the different methods he said read it on your own timeGilbertRadiolabel one end and cleave itThen run it on a gel and you can see what the sequence isNow we use sanger methodIf you have a sequence of DNA and you have a primerYou add in a DNA polymerase and it would start to add nucleotide into the strandIf you add a special Dcp and the strand can not extendedThis strand would be label with raidoactive or florescentIf you run different reaction on gens this will lead to different bandsThis is a random terminationAs a result you can read this sequenceOver night you can get 150 base pairYou can now use machine and add different colour dyesThis will increase the speed of reliable sequence reads
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