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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
William Navarre

Lecture 2September 14 2011 Body site is sterilebrain completely sterile because of bloodbrain barriernot stomach which is almost sterile Conflicting messages from professors and popular mediaViruses vs BacteriaViruses can even infect bacteriaDna or rna or combination of both Do not metabolize things relatively inert need host cells to take over and make progenyBacteria are cellso Have own metabolism have ribosomes have rnadna bacteriaMetabolismBreak down whats ingested turn it into something Do not need host cell in theory to reproduce o Some bacteria require hostbut not using host rna and dna enzymes for reproduction Can differentiate Can communicateusing chemicals Can move autonomouslyhave appendages flagella or villihow move how direct movement Sense environmentand respond to ito Product of four billion years of evolutiono V Well adapted to environmento If something changes in env can change transcription and proteins accordingly to do better in that environmento Living cells that can communicate with each other and environment and CAN EVOLVE viruses can also evolve Examplem Xanthus Small genome singlecelled organism Life style starts at Afruiting body In response to enviromenntal cues changes fate o Changes into elongated cello Swarm to other competing bacteria consume themshowing sensory capability sensing competing bacteria nearby changing program swimming after something attacking it eating ito Then make another bodyo Capable of v Complex behaviourdo it without eyes ears etco Germs are extremely complex Different shapes in fruiting bodiesnot simple shapeo Multicellular
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