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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Alan Cochrane

MGY378 – Feb 6 Noon to one – McCaul – EX100 – multiple choice questions – 30 questions – 3 per lecture - If discussed in lecture, then KNOW IT - If not discussed but in lecture, ignore How do they replicate? How do they damage you? What diseases caused by which family? Symptoms – graphic deaths – know Five M/C are none of the above Which of the following statemtents is incorrect regarding he transmission of viruses within a population? - Poliovirus transmission ivolves the absorption of the virus by the intestional tract - Influenza virus is transmitted through aerosols - African horse sickness virus is transmitted via the oral fecal route – WRONG – transmitted by insect bites - Yellow fever is transmitted via insect bites Which of the following statemtns is incorrect regarding poliovirus replication? - Virus particle lacks lipid envelope - RNA genome has a protein covalently attached to 3’ end of rNA - Infection by poliovirus results in shut off of host mRNA translation due to cleavage of ElF4G - Addition of two U residues to Vpg is required for the priming of + strand RNA synthesis - BBBBB Which of the following statemtns is correct regarding rhe replication of flaviviruses? - Most flaviviruses genomic RNA lack a 5’ cap - Viral RNA is translated as a polyportein in the cytoplasm - prM protein functions to block the fusion activity of the E protein - virus entry occurs via direct fusion with the plasma membrane - CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC – conserve fusion activity of E until it gets out of the cell Which is the most frequently transcribed and translated gene in Coronoaviruses? - Membrane - Spike - Pol (replicase transcriptase complex) - Nucleocapsid - Envelope - DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Amantadine is an antiviral - Effective against influenza A, B, and C - Blocks M2 of influenza A only - Inhibits the release of new influenza A virions from infected cells - Inhibits RNA polymerase of orthomyxoviruses - Interferes with HA binding to its receptor to prevent infection - BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB – M2 required for acidification because needed for release of genome into cytoplasm o Influenza A is the most virulent – so want to target this o M2 is ion pump so involved in acidification Wht is ambisense coding strategy that is used by bunyaviridiae? - Transcription of mRNA from both genomic rNA and antigenomic RNA - Transcription of mRNA from genomic RNA strand in two different directions - Translation of a single mRNA bidirectionally - A single gene that is made into a on functional and functional protein - A gene that is tanscribed into one protein when replicating in the invertebrate host and into a different one in the vertebrate host What is the theoretical maximum number of NEW progeny (excluding the parent pair) of genetic reassortment in bunyaviridae? - 6 = 2^3 because three segments subtract parental, so SIX Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding flioviruses - Infection in duces vascular leakage due to diss
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