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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
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Alan Cochrane

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January 20 MononegaviralesrabdovirusesParamyxoviruses One RNA 0 negative sense rNA in terms of genomeSingle rNAnegagive strand Unlike other virusesbullet shaped particlesmembrane spikesinsetad of H and F proteinslike coronoavirusefusion receptor bindingcalled G proteinthrowback to toher virusesHelical nucleocapsidRegular structureBullet shapeOtusideG proteinfor receptor bindingmembranematrix protein and inside thatthe nucleocapsid and RNA Measles virus and mumps virusendocytosisvirion bindssurface via VSV G protein using sialic acidBreaks association with M protein and nucleocapsidCannot be transcribedKeeps in transcriptionally inactive stateReleases nucelocapsid into cytoplasm Form antigenomeconvertd back into genomeassembles along with glycoproteinform structure on plasma membrane Like measles transcription occurs in same wayentry of polymerase of 3 prime end of genome RNA 0 transcribedTranscribes gene segment stuters to form poly a tail cleaves reinitiates to form p stutters cleaves reintiates to form g stutters cleaves reinitiates to form lonce enoguh n builds up switch fromPolymerase bound by N proteinread through from 5 primeto form antigenome serving as template for genome synthesisresults in amplification of RNA in cellVesicular stomatitis virus VSV is a bullet shaped RNA virus in the genus Vesiculovirus in the family Rhabdoviridae It is found only in the western hemisphere There are many different types found around the world but the New Jersey VSVNJ and Indiana VSVI types predominate in the Americas This vesicular disease can cause lesions in the mouth and feet of a wide range of animals but it primarily affects horses donkeys cattle swine and South American camelids Sheep and goats are resistant to VSV and rarely show clinical signs Humans can also become infected producing influenzalike symptoms VSV has clinical signs almost identical to Foot and Mouth Disease Photo source wwwaphisusdagov VSVnasty virsu in livestockLike foot and mouth diseaseAnimal cannot eat wasting away Some human transmission Aerosolize HIGH HIGH titres of this viruscan infect VSVhas another usecan kill cancer cellsonly tumour cells wont be able to control the virus so die normal cells can control and survive the infection
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