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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
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Alan Cochrane

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Jan 27 2012reoviridae Lot of dsRNA genomesreoviridiaevirsues isolated in 1950s from kids andInfect range of specieshumans insects plants yeastquite diverse in what they challenge Reoviridaetop three what will be discussedOrthorevovirusesrespiratory entericcan isolate from either respiratory tract or gutCalled orphan viruses bc in humans no pathologydefinitely not lethal There serotypesperhaps fourth And mild diarrheaRotavirusescan cause illness in humans Coltiviruseshave RARE cases where caused disease in humans Reovirus properties No envelope Entirely protein and nucleic acid Actually two concentric shellsouter and innerprovides stability in env that not normally seen Shellstreat virion with partial proteolysisget intermediate subviral particle chew back more get viral core This virus seen in wildisolated from multiple sourceso Ingested contaminated foods soil etcinfected this wayo Virionuninfective fairlyo Nust be processed into intermediate to be infectiouso But if proteolysed into core becomes non infectious again Stripping off layers of protein is whaqt proteolysis is doingo One of the first to come off is sigma 3 that forms outer shell leaving behind sigma 1 and mu 1o Mu 1 and sigma 1 losscore results Propertieso Genomes dsRNAo Also segmentedten to twelve segmentso Range in sizegenome segments are in generaldo not have caps on them but produce mRNA that do in some in stanceso Break down into sizeo L M and S Three of L coding for lambda proteins Three of M that code for mu proteins Smallfour ofcode for four sigma proteins Functions Genotype reovirus based on nucleic acido Three serotypes of virus in gel electrophoresiso Run on gelby differences in sizing of different segments can genotype this Virus lives in environmenttaken up by ingestion of contaminated water food
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