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University of Toronto St. George
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Alan Cochrane

February 1 2012EIAVinfectious diseas among hosuesbefore cars use horses and Rouschickens in certain flocks had tumours Oncogenic viruses Oncogenes are what drive tumourgenesisModel are mouse and aviansome oncogenic mouse viruses1983They induce cancer in targetoncoviruses A to E speciesbecause of sequence homologycategorize according to sequence Lentivirusesunique because of pathologyslow wasting diseaseall AIDS like syndromesget infected might develop acute infection synrome grows in ystem for years to decadescause wasting disease that ultimately kills you Induce persistant infection without any clear pathologyinfected cell look like full of soap sudsare not lethal to cellno clear pathology i organism but establish persistent infection in organism Various structuresviral corelipid envelope has spikes which are glycoproteins of virus Unique 1 first virus that is DIPLOIDone RNA or one gene per virion that encodes for one proteintwo copies that are generally identical of same genetic material Envelopespikes made up of SU Lining inside of envelope is matrix proteins Inside that is viral core made up of capsid And inside of htat is nucleocapsid wrapping up the two mRNA that form the viral genom ePlus tRNA and three enzymatic functionsprotease integrase and reverse transcriptase Resmebles mRNAorganized into three reading framgescalled Gag Pol and Envelope Hepatitis B and retrovirusesconvert RNA to dNA modify cell genome others replicate in cytoplasm or if in nuceluse will not do anything to DNA Define genomedifferent sizes200 nt to 12 kbases Classified in terms of size of sequences tRNA in viriondependent on virusneed tRNA to do right priming reactionproline histidine etc Binding and entry of virion intio celldirect fusion of virion envelope withplasma membrane of cell Do not involve endosomecontact receptor initate fusion event Cells target are defined by receptors that are there and the abiility of virus to bind thsoe receptorsreceptors vry depending on virus HIV1CD4with CCRfive and four coreceptors If cell does not express receptor virus cannot get inif does virus enters
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