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Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
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Alan Cochrane

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Jan 16 2012Torovirus genus BRV Breda virus Causes gastroenteritisdiarrhea in cattle nonculturableBEV Berne virus prototype bovine toroviruses were found to play a role in respiratory digestive and reproductive disorders of cattle Infectious bronchitis virus IBVinfects chickens MHV murine hepatitis virus TGEVTransmissible gastroenteritis virus TGEV a major pathogen causing a fatal diarrhoea in newborn pig Filamentous lookwhich one Crown lookbc optical slice through virusGonzalez Arch Virol 2003 Fig 13 Architectures of virus particles of the prototype Nidovirales members Shown are cartoons depicting possible organizations of A Coronavirus 21 B Torovirus 71 C Arterivirus 73 D Ronivirus modified from an scheme by Peter Walker Indooroopilly Australia 75 virions as deduced from available results MEM lipid membrane CS core shell NC nucleocapsid N nucleoprotein M membrane protein with the aminoterminal end facing the outside of the virus and the carboxyterminus located inside the virion M membrane protein with both the amino and the carboxyterminal end facing virus surface E envelope protein S spike protein HE hemagglutininesterase Gs small glycoprotein Gl large glycoproteinBased on genome sequences and antigenic relationships coronaviruses fall into 3 groups First identified in 60sinduce 30 of colds in populationcolds can be used by rhino or coronavirusesbulk is rhinoProcin bovine avian coronavirusesattack agriculture livestockCommon coldlimited mortalityso little interest in coronavirus until SARS OC43 and HKUattack the old SARSfirst example of coronaviruswith significant pathogenicity in humansMHVmouse hepatitis virus Figure 1 Phylogenetic analysis of RNAdependent RNA polymerases Pol of the 10 coronaviruses with complete genome sequences available before SARS panel A and that of all coronaviruses with complete genome sequences available by the end of 2008 panel B The trees were constructed by neighbor joining method using Kimuras twoparameter correction and bootstrap values calculated from 1000 trees 948 and 958 amino acid positions in Pol were included in the two analyses respectively The scale bars indicate the estimated number of substitutions per 10 amino acids HCoV229E human coronavirus 229E NC002645 PEDV porcine epidemic diarrhea virus NC003436 TGEV porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus NC002306 FCoV feline coronavirus AY994055 PRCV porcine respiratory coronavirusDQ811787 HCoVNL63 human coronavirus NL63 NC005831 batCoVHKU2 EF203064 HKU4 NC009019 HKU5 NC009020
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