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Form Continued

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Joshua Pilzer

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MUS110H1 Lecture 6 Form II 10-12-07 2:09 AM
Thursday, November 4, 2010
Form II
Music is different than all of the other arts because it disappears instantly
(unlike paintings which last)
Music is something that is played, you hear it, and then its gone
Form in music is about how long you can repeat something in different ways
Form operates on bearing the repetition of a small amount of material and
using the repetition of that material to create a long sense of dissonance so
that when you finally return at the end, it sounds like repetition
Form is based on
Repetition of a small amount of material
Spreading that sense of movement and action for as long as you
Binary and Ternary Forms
Forms based on two parts (binary)
Forms based on three parts (ternary)
Binary form = AABB. AA’BB’, AAA’A’
o A idea is generally the first form you hear
o B idea is generally contrasting to A
o The apostrophe means AABB, a..variation of ab…variation
on b
o i.e. Mozart, Minuet, Symphony No. 18 in F Major, K. 130
Ternary Form = ABA
o A way of taking a binary form and creating a nice set of book
ends for it (musical sandwich)
! A) Simple Ternary Form = ABA
" i.e. P. Tchaikovsky, “Dance of the Reed Pipes”,
The Nutcracker (1891)
o especially popular in the Baroque era of Da capo Aria
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