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by OneClass2801 , Fall 2010
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psalms to the ten-stringed lute. Sing to him a new song; strike up
with all our art and shout in triumph.(Ps. 33)
Music & Religion
Venantius Fortunatus (c. 530 609): “Pange Lingua(hymn)
o Hymn: strophic piece of poetry with several verses, set to the
same music
! All text was sung because speaking was what you did
outside of the Church in ones secular life
! Same 5 components you will hear every time you go to
a Catholic mass, every week and every century (Kyrie,
Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei)
" the music changes, but the text stays the same
Josquin Desprez: “Kyrie”, Missa Pange Lingua (c. 1510)
o Same as above but an enhancement
J.S. Bach: St. Matthew Passion (1727), Chorus
Franz Joseph Haydn: The Creation (Die Schopfung) (1798)
o apart from the Church
o “commercialized” having one pay to listen to it rather than
hearing it in weekly mass
Charles Ives, The Unanswered Question (1906)
o symbollic
o Since the existential question (why do we exist) never
changes, the trumpet never changes
o String players on stage, as well as ensemble of flutes (non-
believers) are on stage
! Their sound changes as they try to answer the question
(become more harsh)
o Trumpet is played off to the side
o Not Christian music but deals with a Christian concept
Music & Politics
Church becomes institutionalized and also becomes a corporation
(becomes involved in politics, has tremendous wealth, persuasion
behind it, etc.)
Bono enters politics because of his celebrity status

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