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Joshua Pilzer

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Violence and the sound performance of music
Two interrelated aspects:
Sound and musics acoustic properties
Music/sound as a social(for instance- if you have a 100 people all singing the
same thing, we would say there is one melody and it is this loud- we would
call that a technical description of the sound of music)
There is the way that music sound and the way it is organizaed in the
structure of sound
Effect, socialization, significance etc.
Ex: war music(fifie and drum,bugles, etc.)
-the tradition of piphin band lives in a number of places some are trotted out
in civil war reenactments etc.
-the significance attached to that patriotic duty and struggle is
-the phiphes are not going to be obsecured by the sound of music, useful for
giving people courage, drawing people together by using songs that people
-when we talk about sound physical and cognitive attributes of sound.
-the chapter about the sound of music.
Johnson and Cloonan: focused on popular music, so priviledging music as
recorded sound, etc.
They are thinking about music as a recoded thing.
What do they mean by music(defination they give you is vv open) and
-the sound of music- 1. The way it sounds
2. the way it is made
so think about things like performance, inscription, what is the texture of
thing that we have mad e music in to, and the technical perameters of
musical sound.
Pitch has to do with how high or low a sound is- technical aspect of sound
Recording(inscription)- how music is turned into a thing
The location of sound(inscription) where the music is located(is there a
stage etc)
-how do we listen to pieces of music?
- say something about how music is organized and performed?
- analyse and pick apart music.
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-* pitch, rhythm which goes to show you that western analytical methods
have prioritized pictch and to a certain lesser amount rhythm aswell.
-what are the instruments? Is it a human voice?what particular drums?
Human voices? How many? Electric instruments? Acoustic? Synthesized
Think about violence/ how loud a particular sound is. Music of extreme
volume used in these massicistic kind of experiences of dance pleasure and
concert type experiences.
-technique of trying to deprive prisoners of sleep to break down experience .
- how would it be to think about over and over again.
- two basic categories of music:
hum rhythm- when you ave a lot of different parts and everyone is playing
an example of hum rhythm- everyone playing twitht he same beat
poly rhythm- tremendous degrees of orientation towards basic pulse.-
different directions towards basic pulse/beat.
Some music is categorized by lots of rhtym. In heavy metal the
consensus of about rhythm is used to categorize lots of thing- towards
different sounds- the violence.
This consensus about time and music is v suggestive.
Pitch interesting and important rhythm.
In collusion with volume, used as a sonic weapon
For communication in war, etc.
Intervals, modes
And the voice for instance, gendered voices
And conformity
Ad ideas of the natural’
And power
Pitch used as sound weapon(against phiphe)
Men have been taught that there voices are low
Zarah leander a lower singer
Womens voices supp. To be higher and mens lower(esp. in japenese
music it is v noticeable)
When we are talking about the relationship b/w musical sounds and
reflection in a lot of times music is kind of an alternative space so we
can find alternatives.there are lots of examples of men with high
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