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Joshua Pilzer

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Violence and the sound performance of music
Two interrelated aspects:
Sound and music’s acoustic properties
Music/sound as a social(for instance- if you have a 100 people all singing the same thing,
we would say there is one melody and it is this loud- we would call that a technical
description of the sound of music)
There is the way that music sound and the way it is organizaed in the structure of sound
Effect, socialization, significance etc.
Ex: war music(fifie and drum,bugles, etc.)
-the tradition of piphin band lives in a number of places some are trotted out in civil war
reenactments etc.
-the significance attached to that patriotic duty and struggle is
-the phiphes are not going to be obsecured by the sound of music, useful for giving
people courage, drawing people together by using songs that people know.
-when we talk about sound – physical and cognitive attributes of sound.
-the chapter about the sound of music.
Johnson and Cloonan: focused on popular music, so priviledging music as recorded
sound, etc.
They are thinking about music as a recoded thing.
What do they mean by music(defination they give you is vv open) and violence.
-the sound of music- 1. The way it sounds
2. the way it is made
so think about things like performance, inscription, what is the texture of thing that we
have mad e music in to, and the technical perameters of musical sound.
Pitch has to do with how high or low a sound is- technical aspect of sound production.
Recording(inscription)- how music is turned into a thing
The location of sound(inscription) – where the music is located(is there a stage etc)
-how do we listen to pieces of music?
- say something about how music is organized and performed?
- analyse and pick apart music.
-* pitch, rhythm which goes to show you that western analytical methods have prioritized
pictch and to a certain lesser amount rhythm aswell.
-what are the instruments? Is it a human voice?what particular drums? Human voices?
How many? Electric instruments? Acoustic? Synthesized instruments?
Think about violence/ how loud a particular sound is. Music of extreme volume used in
these massicistic kind of experiences of dance pleasure and concert type experiences.
-technique of trying to deprive prisoners of sleep to break down experience .
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