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Lecture 1

MUS110H1 Lecture 1: Intro to course and Melody, Rhtyhm, Meter

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Gregory S.Johnston

MUS110 – September 11, 2014 Characterize the theme: • Performance forces/ instrumentation • Patterns of beats/rests • Patterns of pitches • Cadences/punctuation [half cadences = comma, full cadences = period] • Tempo • Dynamics • Meters Wagner: • Entire orchestra [begins with strings, other instruments building on top] [be specific] • Theme: strings, violins repeating; scale patterns/passages [ascends and descends] • Tempo : allegro • Crescendo and Decrescendo • Cadences: no harmonic commas or periods, no sense of cadence • No regular phrases [one long unending line]; reaches climax through dynamics by adding more instruments and goes louder • Building climax: [moves up one at a time, by increasing tension], adds instrumental groups • Timbre [Tone Color] • Keyboard instruments: Harp, Piano • Voice Type: SATB • Orchestra… need to know basic instruments and where instruments are in orchestra • How to talk about timbre: Adjectives, dark, bright, nasal, brassy, silky, hollow • Ex. Mahler CD 5:5 – 12 • No specific way to describe timbre • Orchestra example: • Begins dark, becomes brighter September 18, 2014 – Melody, Rhythm, Meter • Pitch: height of the sound [high pitch, low pitch etc...] • Intervals: distance between any two pitches semi-tone to octave; small vs. large intervals • Smallest interval = semi-tone • 1. Medieval modes: used by Medieval composers: pitch patterns beginning on D, E, F, G • CD 1: 4 Perotin Alleluia • Chromatic scale: semi tones all the way up • Surface chromaticism: chromatic scale in the melodic line [pattern of melodic notes, notes aren’t shifting] • Harmonic chromaticism: • Home note: C if you start at C etc… • Diatonic scale: pattern of t
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