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Lecture 3

MUS110H1 Lecture 3: Test Format and Harmony

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Gregory S.Johnston

MUS110: Lecture 3 Test Format: an hour, 25 multiple choice questions relate to concepts seen in class, medieval period what’s the most common texture, space between notes is called what. Know about the period and the music characters in the different periods. Descriptive description of music played. Know the four periods. Timbre: metrical or a metrical or accents. Scales: tonal or atonal, don’t have to say what scale. Harmony: • Vertical, simultaneous relationships between pitches • Chord: collection of pitches heard simultaneously Terminology for talking about harmony: • Modulation: move from one key center to another [you got your home key and move to another home key] • Consonance (stability) • Dissonance (tension that needs resolution): Every note as the same relationship to another, so if distinct is the thing that’s resolve and when you take away that home key, there’s no such thing as dissonance according to Shurnburg • Fast/slow harmonic rhythm [speed of which chords change from one harmony to the next, but it’s constantly moving] • When you have distinct, they’re usually resolved but depends on the era • Tonality: music focused around a tonal center or tonic pitch • All the music we hear now is well-tempe
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