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MUS110 Week 10 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Greg Johnston

MUS110 – Week 10, November 15, 2012 Economics and the Role of the Musician in Society Music and Patronage  Many early professional musicians were dependent on the church or the court for their livelihoods  Music has great importance and musician does not (opposite of music ithustry thday)  troubadours/trouveres: lyrie poets or poet musicians of France in 12 and 13 centuries. Poets working in the south of France, writing in Provencal, are generally termed “troubadours”; those of the north, writing in French, are called “trouveres” o wrote poetry, entertainers, sung out (high class) o usually wrote about the kings o we have the poetry but not the music  jongleurs: a medieval entertainer, sometimes a minstrel. The temr covers a range of entertainers and storytellers o low status o buskers o jungle  example: de la Halle, Jeu de Robin et de Marion o text about Robin and Marion loving each other o all we had was the pitches somebody had recorded and the text o nothing actually written out o just picking guitar (recording) in the beginning But through the Renaissance, we see major changes in society and the role in musicians... - social hierarchy, Medieval  feudal system - church has problems with Reformation - changing economic system - Middle class and leisure time = people began to learn - printing – music can now be printed and shared  castrato: a male singer who has been castrated before puberty to preserve the soprano or contralto range of his voice; supported by a man’s lungs, the voice was powerful, agile and penetrating o 1637: 1 public opera house o large chest, small head (represented in paintings) o Farinelli (Carlo Brosche) 1705-82, example of a castrato o no production of male hormones  example: Hasse (1699-1783), Se mai Piu sara Geloso, Cleofide (1731)  example : Gounod, Ave Maria by Moreschi (recorded 1903) o signer, living in the 20 century o last original castrato with recording\  because of castrati, performers moved forward...  example: Bach, Brandenbury Concerto no. 6, 3 movement (1721) o violas and viola de gamba together o Bach  concerto master o viola  low socially esteemed instrument o Bach worked for prince who loved music, so some of his best music was composed during his time with the prince o after prince got married, Bavch had to look for another job
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