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Jeremy Strachan

thLecture 1 January 10 2012 20130212 124 AM Skype MusicMediaTechnologyTodays Lecture What is mediaWhat does media doEthnomusicology and technologyTechnocultureWhat is MediaJD Peters says that Every medium has a what how and byto whomIf you start thinking about when you think of media you think about TV or Internet or newspapers think about how this definition helps to define what media isThere is this classic theory that media has this message and channel and then this sender and receiverThe other idea is that when we think about media and new media informationbased media we had different ways of conveying that stuff so we have not so much a message but data and binary codes that form information and processors and use interfaces you on your computer and the computer technologyIf we can keep it to that rigorous definition it opens up different ideas of what constitutes mediaThere are other definitions of media tooMarshall McLuhan says that media is any extension of ourselvesMedia can extend our perception a car a train extending our abilities to travelJean Baudrillard says that media an object based idea of it are technical objects that reshape thhuman relations Baudrillard is a poststructuralist theorist of the 20 centuryJody Berland uses this beautiful term called cultural technologies She means that it is always important to think of technology in the context of its cultural influence and their influence on human relations and thats when music is going to come inMcLuhan also said that the medium is the message It is a widely used axiom though often wronglyusedWhen we think about media as something that extends ourselves and our relations there is an idea that the medium is the message itself That the content is not as important as the way the media can configure people and how the interact with otherHe says that there is a shift from the content of medium to medias effect on people and that media illuminates and defines our environment like the light bulb He uses the famous example of the light bulb as a medium and how it positions us in society Eg we cant see a baseball game at night without the light bulbWhat Does Media DoFriedrich Kittler says that media determine our situation Media have agency and constrain our experience Our world is one of systems networks archives and storage systems of informationKittler says that media constrains our experiences Mitchell and Hansen said in 2010 that media broker the giving of time and space within which concrete experience becomes possibleThis is the idea that concrete experience how it is we live is brokered by media Think about how we move through time and space
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