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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Prof.William Bowen

LECTURE 2 - 8/5/13 - donʼt need to know song names, title, authors NAXOS Music Library - playlists - uoft playlists - VPMA93 Listening to Music (2012) - CAGE prefers listening to traffic - COPLAND: 3 layers - outer more superficial listening, inner is engaging in the music, what it is doing and what it might be FINAL EXAM q - when you listen to music what is it that you are listening to Rossini. William Tell overture (describing a STORM) - gradual increase/dec is speed - instruments- drum/percussion IGOR STRAVINSKY - 1st quote: in music there is a time based art and in it it reqʼs organization - 5th: PSYCHOLOGICAL TIME - more emotional TIME - TEMPO - how quick something is happening - RHYTHM - everything has rhythm, eg walking across a room and following the footsteps, can be free flowing or structured, is a succession of time lengths, basic walking fast/slow interrupted w.e, everything that moves through time has rhythm - BEAT - aka PULSE, walking if some steps more emphasized more than others, beat is an actual rhythm - METER - pattern AULD LANG SYNE TEMPO - slow, leisurely RHYTHM - how he sings the melody BEAT - every other syllable, s
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