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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Prof.William Bowen

LEC 4 15/5/13 HORIZONTAL VIEW - succession of pitches one after another VERTICAL VIEW- what you hear at a moment in time REVIEW eg 1 ORFF MELODY - motion- conjunct (step motion), range - overall large range, , shape-rises and falls, form- there is repeating HARMONY - consonance TEXTURE - homophony eg 2 CHOPIN MELODY - motion- conjunct (step motion) more of a combination there are some leaps, range - overall large range, shape-rises and falls, form- HARMONY - consonance TEXTURE - homophony eg 3 BARBER MELODY - motion- conjunct (step motion) occasional leaps, range - fairly small range, shape-pleasing rise and fall, form- there is repeating HARMONY - consonance w/ moments of tension TEXTURE - homophonic, moments where other voices become more prominent and create a COUNTERPOINT*** to the melody STRUCTURE Auld Lang Syne - there is repetition thus TRANSPARENT structure Varese Ionisation - no repetition, donʼt know whatʼs going to happen next, everything varies, thus structure is unclear Artisanat furieux - SERIALISM parts of it are highly organized, but disorganized to our ears ALEATORIC of chance music - every performance will be diff, highly dependent on chance - most TRANSPARENT way to convey structure is through REPETITION - STROPHIC FORM: AAA etc - the MAGIC FLUTE (Mozart)
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