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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Prof.William Bowen

LECTURE 7 [29/5/13] CREATORS and PERFORMERS - COMPOSERS deal w/ time and musical space and instruments PERFORMERS - VISUAL side kicks in when you as an audience see/watch the performance - get a sense of visual and aural - diff frm when listening to a recording (no visual) Listening Exercise - how well do u think they communicate, perform, what is appealing/not, how well do they perform, do you get a sense of what there trying to communicate and how well are they doing it Mozartʼs “Voi Che Sapete” 1. Lucy - no idea what she is singing abt, no clear sense of what the piece is about - communication - weak - not impressed w/ visual, not an exciting visual environment (just a girl standing there singing) - sound like she knows the music (rehearsed performance) - no amplification > trying to sing out - voice quality - clear (not wobbly or all over) - raw, inexperienced - very simple performance, not particularly sophisticated - out of tune with background instrument (piano), out of pitch - wavering sound bc not breathing properly - breath control - piano + voice - more of an amateur space 2. Olivia - older performer - more polished - phrasing - done more musically, can hear rise and fall of melody - better breath control - in tune - technique has improved - sounds pleasant - piano + voice - Mozartʼs “Voi che sapete” - lyrics - in italian - 1st 2 lines state a question, which is repeated at the end - FORM - ABA (da capo aria) - in between states what there actually feeling - conflicting emotions - wants to know frm more experienced ppl if this is what love is about - Mozart allow performer to build on piece, allow for colour and contrast 3. Nana Mouskouri - much more mature singer - FOLK - comes frm a folk singing background - thus approaches piece differently - she puts in slides and extra notes - her technique - a diff approach to singing - orchestra - in a professional concert hall/venue - body language - hands moving, seems to feel the piece - trying to portray text and meaning of song - not always in tune - amplified (none of the previous amplified) 4. Bernie Nolan - pop - amplified (mic) - more aggressive singing - has a pulse/beat - staged and artificial - doesnʼt really represent text of voice (finding new love) - interpretation of song is criticized - imposed and interpretation that doesnʼt work with text - orchestra 5. Cecilia Bartoli - opera - piano + voice - musical lines entirely shaped and controlled - sophisticated - has breath control and tuning - singing notes that are written - can see some emotion in her face - get darker and softer trying to lighten sound and communicate lyrics - uses dynamics - tries to colour voice to bring out meaning of words - Aria frm Mo
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