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Lecture 8

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Prof.William Bowen

Lecture 8 - Guest Lecture (Cecilia Livingston) [3/6/13] The Composerʼs Imagination - composers used to have PATRONS (who paid them), they were an employee - FILM MUSIC now a days similar to how musicians worked in the past - deadline and this amt of pay - JOSEPH HAYDN was a servant of the court Composition as a Process - have to have basic knowledge (CRAFT) to be able to compose music, it allows you to start writing - tools you can use - need a KNOWLEDGE BASE - need to be able to rule out what they can do = “DRAWING A BOX” - writing a piece that will be played indoors is diff frm outdoors - SEQUENCER - works directly w/ sound (eg garage band) - MUSIC NOTATION hasnʼt always been the same throughout history - earlier was less detailed and was more of a memory jogger - LEAD SHEET - in the middle between writing everything down and remembering, freedom for improvisation - WESTERN classical score - everything is notated and written - as a composer have to decide how much ur going to write down and how much u will lv up to the performer - GRAPHIC SCORE - performer decides for how high and how long, for notes that canʼt really be written (eg high screechy noise) - words that we naturally speak have melody and rhythm - PROSODY (rhythm and melody in words) - want to respect the natural rh
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