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Lecture 12

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Prof.William Bowen

Lec 11 - MC that focus on lectures and assigned materials after midterms - questions may be based on recordings not on the listening list - one essay that draws on the materials presented in the entire course - know examples frm before midterm stuff - write a good answer WITH EXAMPLES** - back up ur ideas - 2 hr exam It is possible to use music in a sophisticated way....? - WAGNER - 19th C composer, tried to bridge music with a musical moment like drama on stage during an opera - came up with LEITMOTIV (leitmotif) ie leading idea or MOTIVE - associated chords, melody etc with a character or person, helps tell narrative story through music - eg person appears on stage and brings their music w/ them - way for music to reflect what ur seeing - powerful idea John Williams is noted for using classical techniques to bridge musical and visual ideas eg 1 MAIN TITLE - Star Wars theme - naturally associate w/ Star Wars - incredibly positive, strength behind it - instrument: can hear the brass (associate w/ military and courageous events) - theme (melody)/leitmotiv - positive thus moves upwards, UPWARD TRAJECTORY - does jump arnd a bit, has leaps - incl strong leaps - melody itself is inherently positive - bc of shape of it - upward trajectory - military music -march eg 2 DARTH VADER and the IMPERIAL FLEET - has a strong melody as well - military like march as well more MARTIAL - but diff frm main title song - doesnʼt have same trajectory up as main title - not as strong of a shape and rise - melody hovers and falls - feeling of insecurity (main title is very powerful and secure) - instruments are similar - but theme is diff in character - esp shape - shift between major and minor sound, by shifting he creates insecurity - tense - similar to main title bc of instrument and martial feel eg 3 BATTLE on HOTH (youtube video-star wars empire strikes back battle of hoth) - have high airy sound and low at same time creates suspense, lvs audience wondering what will happen - has music come in representing character Darth Vader - various instruments can be brought in to create a scene of complete chaos - much effect created by high dissonance sounds, no melody - creates chaos and that things are falling apart in scene - fall of huge machine followed by fall in music - play modified version of title theme thats darker and shorter bc battle is not going well - play pieces of darth vader music as well - when DARTH VADER appears he brings his music PERSPECTIVE #5 - Challenging Boundaries - piece is RIGHT OF SPRING - Le Sacre du Printemps - piece baffled ppl, they were appalled and opposed - declared it as not music - it was new to ppl of that time/generation - Mainstream and expe
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