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Texture & Harmony

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University of Toronto St. George
Joshua Pilzer

MUS110H1 Lecture 4 Texture and Harmony 10-12-07 2:08 AM Thursday, October 14, 2010 Texture & Harmony Medieval Monophony (adj. monophonic) = music consisting of a single line or melody without an accompaniment that is regarded as part of the work itself o A single line conceived as a single line (conceived without harmony) o i.e. Wipo of Burgundy, Victimae paschali laudes (CA. 1000) non-pulsatile no rhythmic motives no meter (no regular recurring accent) conjunct no melodic writing no harmony, we hear a single line Polyphony (adj. polyphonic) = music that simultaneously combines several lines; music combining several lines, each of which retains its identity as a line to some degree o i.e. Leonin, Viderunt omnes (ca. 1175) two basic parts two vocal lines are heard their both melodies (two melodies one is lower) one is rhythmically more active the lower voice (very narrow) stays in a generally small range, and the higher voice is more active and has a broader (wider) range over the centuries, the things that are consonant (sounds complete) to them are dissonant to us and those that are dissonant (sounds bad) to them were consonant to them (this changes over time and culturally) Renaissance i.e. Josquin Desprez, Motet, Ave Maria (ca. 1485)
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