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Joshua Pilzer

MUS110H1 Lecture 9 Politics 10-12-07 2:11 AM Thursday, November 25, 2010 Music & Politics Contd 20 thCentury Nazi Germany (right-winged) o Stock market crashed caused the Germans to blame someone o Hitlers party came into power Richard Strauss (1864-194) Die schweigsame Frau (1935) Composed opera Worked with a librettist (makes the text) Once his died he worked with a Jewish one 1934 (eve of performance) this opera was banned nothing about this opera was political (only the fact that it was associated with a Jewish librettist) Paul Hindemith (1895 1963), Mathis der Maler (1935) different music, disorganized, did not represent the people elitists music Soviet union o After the revolution, anybody with money and nobility were at risk so left o Art had to appeal to the working class (everything dealt with industry) o Two committees were developed to assess music and to assess art (music that reflected people was good, anything else was formalist (abstract)persecuted for this Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-75), Lady Macbeth (1936) Stayed in the Soviet Union Composed quartets, piano music, symphonies Always on the borderline of formalist and a good Soviet composer Stalin was at his Lady Macbeth performance He left the performance before it was over
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