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University of Toronto St. George
Greg Johnston

MUS110H1 F Rhythm and Metre September 20, 2012 Rhythm o the organization of events in time o the grouping of musical sounds, principally by means of duration and stress What do we listen for? o Levels of rhythmic activity – high or low? o Layers of rhythmic activity – how many? o Recurrent patterns? Medieval Gregorian Chant o One layer of rhythmic activity o No strong accents Hoquet or Hocket – a stylistic device characterized by the distribution of the melodic line between 2 voices in such a way that as one sounds, the other is silent. Renaissance o Rhythmically only moderately active o Longer notes followed by short o Rarely have sudden changes in levels of rhythmic activity o Rhythmic activity is mostly similar in each part Baroque Recitative: style of text setting that imitates and emphasizes natural inflections, rhythms, and syntax of speech Became popular in the baroque era Classical o Use of motifs (short rhythmic, melodic, harmonic idea or combination of all 3) Mozart, Symphony No. 40 in G Minor Romantic o Using all rhythmic tools for personal style Bedrich Smetana, The Moldau
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