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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

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Joshua Pilzer

January 26, 2011 MUS335 Lecture 3 - In the news: Stephen Harper playing piano (Youtube it), White House dinner with Herbie Hancock. - Piano is a bridge of cultures but its more complex than just that. - Gendering and socializing force of Piano (last weeks topic): o Piano is a socializing force, particularly in England where it relates to education o Courting at the keyboard (men showing their skill, playing together - Piano originally womens instrument - Men rarely used to understand music as a performing art o Understood science behind it as well as composition. - Clavichord (smaller and quieter than the piano) o 3 octave keyboard o Played it in private primarily, and in intimate engagements o Domestic instrument o Instrument that men used for skill acquisition o Played for other men explaining musical concepts o Originally never really played for other women, maybe only closest friends o Skills were crucial for learning about the piano - Around 1800 we see about two strands of keyboard: o Women: sweet music Feminine and subtle o Mozart: dazzling virtuosic skill masculine Inanimate object now being mastered (considered more manly) - Around the beginning of the 19 century we see more men playing the piano
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