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Tuesday, October 23, 2012 The British Invasion Influence: Many performers are coming from the American South (black or white), many of whom are the working-class making monuments of themselves, making a culture that wasn‟t necessarily there before  R&R movies (Rock Around the Clock 1955) etc. and records  1950s/60s collecting and imitating of blues/R&B/R&R recordings  1963 Beatles visit to US  Subsequent years – explosion of groups/hits Working-class was quite large – many of these kids hear all this working-class music coming out of the US and then start to play it themselves Example: Train Kept a-Rollin’ Yardbird‟s Version vs. Johnny Burnette Trio  Lead singers of YB‟s is playing the harmonica – influence of the African American „country blues‟  harmonica relates it more to the blues (yet it‟s already related to the blues anyway – „Train‟ in a kind of 12-bar blues)  Idea that much of the heaviness of R&R came out of the UK  Myth of R&R in the UK is that the British rescued all this music that NA had thrown into the „dustbins of history‟, later re-importing it into the US and Canada  NOT REALLY TRUE  Fetishization of African culture in NA is happening more intensively in the UK British Invasion cont’d  Bringi
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