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Greg Johnston

MUS110 Music and Politics November 22, 2012 Richard Wagner was an opera composer and an active anti-Semite. Puff the Magic Dragon was banned in Thailand. The Bare Naked Ladies were not allowed to perform at Nathan Philips Square because of their offensive name. Political bodies are “threatened” when there are celebrities with a following that have their own opinions and are very influential. Religion and Politics Council of Trent  Discussed why people were leaving the Catholic church  Got rid of thousands of compositions because they believed that music in service was turning people away Music can be propaganda in that you sing words which are put in to your mouth over and over again. Johann Hermann Schein, “Frischauf, ihr LKloseterbrüder mein”, Diletti Pastorali (1626)  Johann Hermann Schein was a Lutheran composer  Anti-Catholic song Secular Politics Opera  You had to have a patent to do opera o A permission or monopoly on opera  When Lully got the patent, he shut down performances of all other composer’s operas During this time, conducting was done with a large staff that was banged on the floor to keep the beat. Jean-Baptiste Lully, “Ouverture”, Ballet de Xerxès (1660)  Lully’s operas were propaganda for the glory of the king In London, Italian opera
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