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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
M.A.Pouls- Wegner

Lecture #2 September-12-12 2:00 PM Homework: Today's Topics:  GeographyCont'd CHRONOLOGY:Shaw, 1–16;  Baines/Malek, Cultural Atlas, 36–7; Hornung, Idea into image, 57–71. Important Points: THEBES - know where it is on map. At bend of the river Lecture Topic: Geographycont'd During the lecture, take notes here. Insert a sub-page for each lecture topic.  Last Class - Important Points: ○ Various geographical factors shaped Egyptians' mindset:  Nile - as "highway"and as providing cyclical time and fertility of the land  Contrasts: fertile land/desert (in-land/outside), Delta/Valley  Upper and Lower Egypt - two very differentlandscapes: 1. Delta  Rosetta,Damietta and Pelusiacwere major branches of the Nile  Geziras / "turtle backs"- little islands 2. Nile Valley (at Aswan)  Natural frontiers (borders) ○ North > MediterraneanSea ○ North-East> Sinai ○ East > Eastern desert ○ South, at Aswan > first of five cataracts/rapids ○ West > Libyan desert ○ (Oases)  South: First Cataract ○ Formationof igneous rock  Resistantto erosion ○ Before Aswan High dam  Stretchedfor 10 km  River divided into smaller streams by islands □ Settlements and temples  Today, several islands flooded  Some temples shifted  North: MediterraneanCoast ○ Coastlinethat you can defend relatively effectively  East: Eastern Desert, Sinai, Red Sea  West: Libyan Desert and Oases ○ Inhabitants of oases always a bit "different":
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