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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
M.A.Pouls- Wegner

Lecture #20 November-21-12 1:57 PM Important Points: Today's Topics:  The Early New Kingdom  Lecture Topic: The Early New Kingdom During the lecture, take notes here. Insert a sub-page for each lecture topic.  Dyn. 18 (c.1550-1295 BCE)  Founderof the NK - Ahmose  Dynasty 18 (c.1550-1295 BCE) ○ ...and New Kingdom, begin with Ahmose ○ Internationalpolitical situation is favourable  New Empire Hittites move into Syria from Anatolia  Hittites eventuallyraid Babylon/Northern Mesopotamia □ Later Kassites and Mitanni found new dynasties there ○ Under Ahmose's son, Amenhotep I and his successor Thurtmose I  New cultural peak  The Thutmosides (c.1504-1350 BCE) ○ Thutmose I = "Founder of Egyptian Empire" □ Influencefrom Mitanni territory to 5th Cataract*  Capital: Thebes  Military headquarters: Memphis  Extensive construction at Karnak  First attested tomb in KV(king's valley) (38)  Thutmose II and Hatshepsut ○ Successor Thutmose II  Marries Hatshepsut  Daughter, Nefrure ○ With other wife, Isis, conceivesThutmose III ○ Thut. II dies after 3 years  Throne falls to under-aged Thutmose III  Hatshepsut regent ○ Few years into regency --> Hatshepsut proclaimsherself king  Quest for Legitimacy ○ Recall "Myth of divine birth"!  Shows herself being conceived, to promote her legitimacy ○ In inscriptions (Karnakand Deir el-Bahari) claims was designated successor and Co-Regent, of Thut. I ○ Extensive construction at Karnak  Two obelisks coated in gold and electrum ○ Trading expedition to Punt (important trade partner in old kingdom)  Prides herself on reopening trade to Punt  Major propagandistic feat, ○ ...as is Mortuary Temple adjacentto Mentuhotep II (founderof MK) at Deir el Bahari ○ NOTE: Most constructions bear names of Hatsh. and Thutmose III  Even on ChapelleRouge ○ Regnal years counted from HIS accession  Senenmut ○ Chief Courtier ○ Hatshepsut's architect, and also tutor of princess Neferure ○ May have been Hatshepsut's lover ○ --> 80 titles! ○ --> importantuntil year 16 ○ --> falls from grace?  Thutmose III ruled for 53 years, 22 years with Hatshepsut  New Kingdom Foreign Policy ○ (1) Western Asia  Originally --> Aim □ =break Hyksos' suzerainty  Later --> regain foothold in Byblos  Under Thutmose I --> Egyptian presence from 5th cataract at Kurgus in Africa into Mitanni*in North Western Asia (--> stela at Karkemish)  Thutmose III --> follows in footsteps of grandfather □ 17 military campaigns (especially against Mitanni and its allies) □ (--> some = mere displays of power?)  Account of the Battle of Megiddo NMC 101 - Land of the Pharaohs Page 1  Account of the Battle of Megiddo □ --> ended in a long siege (ANETP I, 175-82; AEL II, 29-35) □ Detailed information --> from daily records kept of campaign  Carved on walls of Karnak temple  "to recor
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