Lecture 4

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE 4September 23 20094 Egyptian Art41 Artist and IndividualEgyptian art appears remarkably uniformstyle and form seem to change little very symmetricalhard to date art pieces because they look very similarQualities such as individuality and originality NOT of much concern until perhaps the time of AkhenatenEgyptian portraiture is about fitting inindividual as part of the ingroupNOT an individualDecorum Facial features of reigning Pharaoh often usedPersonal touch added by means of inscriptions Statues reliefs or entire monuments brought to life by means of Opening of the Mouth RitualHouse for owners soul or personalityEgyptian art had practical purposes was indispensable In most cases not meant to be seen funerarylart pour lart did for the most part not exist Little known about individual artistswith few exceptions Important pointschance of preservationhead of Nefertiti found in the workshop of sculptor Thutmose in paintingexecution of elements colours shapes image content facial features articles of clothing shape of the hands can give a clue to which group of artists doesnt matter of individuality of artistsjust do the work to fit the quota follow the standardsLogistics of tombdecoration and other factors a group of draughtsmen sketched the drawingthen corrected by master draughtsman workshops were associated with either state or temple institutionsthese provided materials produce goods and servicestombs were visited by family members priests tourists and other artists lookingfor inspirationsee graffiti left by visitors in the tombs artists copy imagery from one tomb to use in another one Seems artists were a respected grouphouses and living conditions in places such as workers village at DeirmelMedina reflect relatively high standard of living Training in House of Lifeunit of Egyptian temples in which priests also educatedreflects the intertwined nature of Egyptian art and religion
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