Lecture 6

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
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Katja Goebs

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LECTURE 6September 30 2009 6 Early Dynastic Period Dynasty 13Recap Later Predynastic PeriodsNaqada IIPeriod of rapid changeEvolution of complex social and economic institutions Increased urbanization Increasing social stratification an elite is forming uses images of strength and violence to cement their claim to rule Culmination in Narmer Palette Long thought to represent final battle for the victory of Upper Egypt over Lower Egyptlegendary Menes was identified with Narmer These days some think HorAha likely Narmers sonsuccessor was founder of the unified stateButoBelongs to the socalled Maadian culture of the DeltaEarliest phase corresponds to Naqada II cdcontinuesMonumental ArchitecturesPalace Facade tombs at Saqqara Artistic motifsfabulous animals with intertwined neckshero dominating two balanced beastscylinder sealsevoking those of Sumerian Jemdet Nasr Period c 30002900BCE 61 Dynasty 0 c 32003050 BCEA line of early KINGS that predates Dynasty 1Names difficult to readnot every book gives the same names Also sequence still disputed 1 Scorpion I3 Irjhor5 Scorpion II 2 Hathor4 KaSekhen6 NarmerEgypt traded with Palestine at this timeset up some colonies there disappeared in Dynasty 1Royal tombs at AbydosBut royal imagery as far North as Memphis capital of later Old Kingdom
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