Lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE 8October 7 20098 Old Kingdom IThe Pyramid Age Royal power and dominance nowhere more pronounced than in the Pyramids of the Old KingdomBuilder of Great Pyramid at Giza KhufuKheops Dynasty 4 c 2580 BCEknown as a tyrant in antiquity146 m high by 230 m wide2300000 blocks of limestoneeach block averaged about 25 tons Khufu reigned for 23 yearsapproximately 285 blocks per day quarried dressed and brought to the site of the pyramidConceptions PalaceHouse and architectural symbol for the living king Pyramid complexsame for deceased ruler from Greek pyramis wheatcakeshapeEvokes primeval mound Creator can take form of such moundex in PT 587 1587 c May you be high qa in this your name of high mound qaTaTenen elevateding landOne name of Creator God at MemphisEvokes geography of the DeltaNile Flood Stairway or ladder to the heavenscelestial afterlife aspirationsking hoped to unite with his fathers mothers brothers and sisterssun moon and starsEarly Development Mastabas and Step Pyramid Pyramids evolved out of longlived simpler architectural shapeMastaba Arabic bench flat super structre mudbrick or stonecultic buildings added on in early times later within superstructureDjosers Step Pyramid at Saqqara c 2650 BCEFirst pyramid to survive as suchVarious building stages archaeologically recognizableattest that idea evolved thenearly Dynasty 3 unprecedented in both shape and use of stoneArchitect Imhotepattested on the base if one of Djosers statuesLater divinized as Patrons of Builders and ArchitectsDifferent Phases of Construction 1 Construction of square mastabas and enclosure wall of 715 m length with funerary shaft 28 m deepshaft can be accessed via corridor leading down from the Mortuary templeNorth wall
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