Lecture 10

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE10October 19 2009 10 Old Kingdom IIHistory and InstitutionsInternal Affairs Pyramid constructionrequired new kind of state administration and economy Constructionrecruiting people involved in agriculture agricultural production optimized Also efficient ways of collecting taxes and additional sources of revenue necessaryFood production remained samebut state organized ex bringing surpluses to areas affected by droughtfloodCentral AdministrationRoyal PalaceSystemized of administration in dynasties 4 to 5At top king Princes as military leadersgenerals in dynasty 4guarding fortresses in south Elephantine and east Heliopolis Bubastistrade route to PalestineExpeditions to quarries etcAlso first viziers State hierarchy King Vizier Overseer of Upper Egypt Dynasty 5 Overseer of WorksGranaryTreasuryScribe of the royal documents1 Office of Vizier cf Prime Ministerestablished by Dynasty 4also involved legal activities at the timeJudicative 2 Overseer of Works cf Minister of Labourestablished by Dynasty 4 3 Royal Secretariat Scribe of the Royal Documents cf Ministry of Interiorestablished in Dynasty 5includes administration of the temples4 Overseer of the Granary cf Minister of Agriculturecreated in Dynasty 5 5 Overseer of the Treasury cf Minister of Financesystematized in Dynasty 5 Development in Dynasty 5Construction of sun templesvolume of pyramids at Abusir reducedeconomically dependent on sun temples deliver their sustenance Bureaucracy increasingly decentralizedeven Viziers no longer necessarily from royal family Office Head or Overseer of Upper Egypt createdadministration of the southprobably most important after Vizier With Wenis last king of Dynasty 5new family on thronetradition of suntemples cease tombs back in Saqqara
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