Lecture 12

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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE12October 26 2009 12 First Intermediate PeriodEnd of the Old Kingdom th 6 Dynasty ended likely with Queen NeithiqeretNitokrisFollows string of shortlived rulersDynasties 7 to 8little known but included in Royal Canon of TurinSome suggest power over north of the country onlyreigning from Memphis th 7 Dynasty 70 days only Manetho th8 Dynasty 46 Turin or 146 Manetho yearsone inscribed PyramidKing Ibi or Aba at Saqqarareigned two years onlyended around 2160 BCEAlso few royal decrees from temple of Coptosfirst has list of all Upper Egypt Nomes ReasonsStill DebatedLong reign of Pepy IIdwindling of centralized states poweroffices increasingly hereditary land endowment to local families Nomarendochs in South became semiindependantcf Cemetaries richgrave goodsSeries of low Nile inundationsfiscal system may have been affected Low rain HerakleopolisFormer nomarchs reign as local kings from Herakleopolis south of Fayyum Dynasty 9 to 10same familyHerakleopolitan kings mostly Khety Akhtoy in Greeksome mentioned in Turin listsKnown archaeologically from VERY few small objects some inscriptions in Coptos and kinglistsmost names lostSome nomarchs date with reference to Herakleopolis others to themselvesHerodotus first Khety was terrible wrought evil things for those in all of Egypt MerikareFamous king Merikare of Dynasty 10 son of Wahkare Khety IIfictional instruction on how to be king left by dadFunerary stelae of priests in his cult ex Gemeni
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