Lecture 13

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
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Katja Goebs

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LECTURE 13October 28 200813 The Middle Kingdom and Classical Literature Late Dynasty Eleven around 2025 BCE Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II ends civil warEgyptian sources celebrate him as reuniter of countryfounder of MKRemesseum procession statues of Menes Mentuhotep II Ahmose changes royal titulary in yr 39 from who causes the hearts of the Two lands to live to He w divine White Crown Horus uniter of the Two Landsactual unification may be yr 3034representation in Dendera smiting the symbol of LEfunerary temple at Deir elBahari Nubian Policy historical sources mention uniting of oases of L Nubia Wawat w Egypt expeditions to Lebanon for timber timber also from Nubia Nubian resources provided necessary means to prevail upsurge in construction activitytemples Manthu in Tod etc also upsurge in artistic works and inscriptions esp in later part of reignattest new prosperity of land newly centralized state in charge of all resources after unification evident partial revival of Memphite artistic traditions no evidence north of Abydoshow far did kingdom extend funerary temple at Deir elBaharinew locationaway from elTarifnew formadmin placed in hands of group of Theben officials w tombs in area of Deir elBahari and AsasifThebes tactical errorDynasty 12 Outline kings named Amenemhat Amun is at the forefront Amun now becomes state god fist attestation under Intef II or SenusretSenwosret likely to guarantee political stability kings chose to rule by means of several coregenciesmay have been a brief one bt Mentuhotep IV and Amenemhat Ivessel fragment at Lisht ensures smooth succession Amenemhat ISenwosret I 10 yearsSenwosret IAmenemhat II 3 yearsAmenemhat IISenwosret II 3 yearsSenwosret IISenwosretIII the chronology is difficultSenwosret IIIAmenemhat III 6 years at the very least but could be longerAmenemhat IIIAmenemhat IV 2 yearsEarly Dynasty 12 Internal Affairs
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