Lecture 17

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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE 17November 11 200917 Amarna PeriodKing Amenhotep IVAkhenaten 13521336 BCEAmenhotep IV alias AkhenatenAkhenaten prob most famousinfamous of all Egyptian kingscame to throne as Amenhotep IVevaluation of reign ranges from one of the great leaders in world or first idealist to fanatic w tendency to show offpreviously viewed as peaceful episode motifs of nature and love more recent scholarship regards it as period of religious intoleranceAkhenaten not intended as kingas prince was High Priest of Ptah designated successor older bro Thutmose but disappears from record early diedprob no coregency bt Akhenaten and Amenhotep III at most 2 yrsunder his father Egypt at height of powermarried Nefertiti daughter of AjaAy from Akhmimadvisorsuccessor of Tutankhamen bf his accession to throne Akhenaten began reign as normal fashion in Memphis or Thebesroyal titulary suggests continuation of old traditions ex Horus Strong Bull With High Double Feathers Two Ladies With Great Worship of Karnak etcearly period construction at Karnak obelisk in temp of ReHarakheteAton to E of Amun templeshown worshipping plurality of godsyr 5 famously changes sonofRe name to Akhenaton Akhanjati Dual King With Perfect Manifestation of Re the sole one offor Re Beneficial to for effective one of the Atennote Re still presentAmarnaname change symbolic actwent together w founding of new capital Akhetaten horizon of Aten ME opposite Hermopolis on virgin soil which does not belong to any gods or goddesses Boundary Stele designer townstreets at right angles etc Cambridge excavationsabandoned soon after his deathsnapshot of life at this timeno ensuing layers of settlementsused as quarry for long timeAmarna letters good source for intl relations at times deals w treaties bt equal partners kings and unequal partners small kings officials Religious RevolutionAmarna centre for cult for newonly god Aten sundiskhad appeared in time of his fathernow only manifestation of divine power on earth sole lifegivernot anthropomorphic has uraeus snake represented firepersonified solar aspects ex Shu still appears as do Re and HarakhteShu a light
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