Lecture 18

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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE18November 16 2009 18Late New Kingdom The RamessidesDyn 19 12951186 BCEDyn 20 11861069 BCERameses Iafter approx 13 yrs Haremheb succeeded by general ParamessuRameses Ifounder of Dyn 19most Ramessides bear name Ramessw Ra bore himgeneral Paramessu vizier and later Deputy of His Majesty in Upper and Lower Egypt designated successor of Haremheb possible brief coregency military couppossibly from Eastern Deltatraditional view chose Gurob for first tombmaybe from therelittle known about short reignnot much longer than 1 yrmost info from reign of Seti Idescribes period as new beginning after evils of AmarnaDeirel Medina Rameses I venerated as ancestor of Dyn 1920military campaigns to CanaanSeti Ison of Rameses Icalls himself ust bejnigotwehem mesut repeating of birthsRenaissancecontinued to rule primarily from Memphisleft some spectacular arthuge construction program launched ex Temple of Abydos for himself and principal gods temple for his fatherdecorated Great Hypostyle Hallat Karnak biggest hall in Egyptian templeserected palace complex in vicinity of old Hyksos capital Aurispresent day Qantirbecame capitalPiramesse PerRameses perhaps Biblical Raamseshis tomb KV 17 contains important funerary objectsruled only 15yrs many buildings unfinishedEgypt Back in Asiaattested military campaigns include Palestine Lebanon Nubiaimportantly had to repel attack of Libyan Berber tribes on W edge of Delta new dangerpossible reason for eventual move of capitalRameses II 12791213most famous pharaohRameses the Greatruled for 66yrsGreat Imperialistdescriptions of military exploits cover many temp wallsfamous Battle of Qadesh against Hittitesextended Egyptian influence into Hittite territory Ugarit AmurruHittites wanted them backbattle at Qadesh presented as victory but had diplomatic solution
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