Lecture 19

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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE19November 18 2009 19 Third Intermediate Period Dyn 21 1069945 BCE Dyn 22 945715 BCE Dyn 23 818715 BCE Dyn 24 727715 BCE Dyn 25 747656 BCEDyn 21 and the HighPriests of Amun rivals dyns in N Tanis and S Thebes Dyn 21 moved capital to Tanis modern San elHaggar founder Smendes NesBanedDjed and queen TanetAmun appear in Report of Wenamun real power w HP of Amun in Thebestheological basis for change claim AmunRe is King of the Gods good and often familial relations bt partiesgenerally royal sons no civil war reburial of NK kings by HP Herihor and othersin cache at Deir elBahari found 1881had labels placed on them rd were tombs robbed bt why would he bury them did rulers of 3 IP rob them to finance their govnt Pinudjem Ison of former Highpreist PiankhHerihors successor first HP of Amunassumes royal titles during reign of Smendes and into Amenemnisus reign and in Year 16 pharaonic regalia w full titulary Pinudjems son Highpriest Psusennes I eventually succeeds Smendes in N Pinudjems other son Masahute HP in S Dyn 21 policy to secure royal line and power alliances wi EgyptReport of Wenamun misadventures of an official in service of HP HerihorWenamun sent to Byblos to ontain timber for barque of Amun of Thebse passes thru Tanis and presents gives away his credentials to Smendes money stolen so steals some from Tjeker ship and arrives in Byblos wo credentials or money prince of Byblos less than helpfulByblos now tributary like Sidon to new powerful man of region TiglathPileser I of Assyria shows lack of respect for Egyptdoesnt anyone here speak Egyptian was once diplomatic language no longer a lit composition that may reflect historical eventWenamun is tragic lit fig illustrates low prestige of Egyptiansreflects divided role in Egypt at this time compare Wenamun w Sinuhe foreigners that would once in are of Egypt now disrespect emissaryEgyptian in service of others Butler songstresses Egyptian called prince of Byblos Pharoah
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