Lecture 20

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE20November 23 2009 20 Late Period Late Period I Dyn 26 664525 BCESaite Renaissance Dyn 26 descendents of Neko Ian Egyptian who had been brought to Ninevah the Assyrian capital and sent back to Sais in Egypt to be a loyal vassal of the Assyrians may have been killed fighting Nubian Tanutamun Nekos son Psamtek I made Prince of AthribisTell Atrib in Delta by Assyrians at that time traditional title heir apparenteffectively in charge of LE capital now Sais S had been left in hands of Nubian governor Montuemhat Psamtek manages to unite LE and its Libyan princes into accepting his rule Greek leader Lydian ruler Gyges Ionian and CarrianSW Turkeytroops diplomatically won over S Thebes and its de facto ruler High Priest of Amun Montuemhatfirst time Egypt had single Egyptian ruler in some time Assyrians too preoccupied w other political problems to challenge Psamteks rule King Psamtek I founded Naucratis Alexandria for numerous Greek mercenaries in Egypt Egyptians depended on nonEgyptians to fight in their armyGreeks Libyans Nubianstensions bt them Saite Renaissance an artistic movementdeliberately archaizing copied older forms and motifsex cults resumed at OK pyramid complexes of Memphite region Saite officers used PT in their tombsbegan late Dyn 25pursuit of legitimacyReligious Developments born out of political developmentsGod Amun slowly lessens gods of Osiris cyclegiven new prominencealready true under Libyanseventually leads to cult of Isis and Serapis throughout Roman worldcombo of Osiris and Apis that both could worshipDyn 26 External Affairs Psamtek I supports Assyria in struggle w Babylon always backing wrong horn Nenevah fell 612 under Babylonian King Nebopollassarcontinues to support last Assyrian prince who resists from Syrian city HaranPsamtek dies around this time Piys son Neko II in affairs of Israel and Judah and Israeldefeated Judah along w the Assyrians
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