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NMC101H1 Lecture Notes - Thutmose Iii, Thutmose Ii, Amenhotep Iii

Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
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M.A.Pouls- Wegner

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January 31st, 2012
18th Dynasty
- Ahmose I: expelled the Hyksos (Stele of Tetisheri)
- Reentered the kinglist tradition
- Amenhotep I
Tomb inscription of Ahmose son of Ebana from el-Kab speaks of an
expedition to Kush
Tomb of Ahmose-Pen-Nekhebet speaks of an expedition to Nubia
Began policy of conquest extending Egyptian control south into Nubia
Founded fortified town at Shaat (secure control over gold mines0
First to separate tomb from mortuary temple
First to be buried in the Valley of the Kings (Thebes)
Building activities in Thebes
Mortuary temple very visible
Deir el-Medina
Most people were literate, many were highly skilled artisans and
knew the locations of the royal tombs
People living there were called servants in the place of truth
Only able to hand down their jobs to their eldest son
Community in a state of flux because besides eldest sons others sons
were required to be sent out of the village, but number of individual
working remains consistent
Some distance away from other cities
Barter economy (outside of the temple economy)
Community believed to be found during Amenhotep Is reign
Deified and venerated with his mother across the Theban area
- Thutmose I
Not a son of Amenhotep I
Middle aged military man when he came to the throne
A time of coregency
Married a member of the royal family (daughter of Ahmose and
Reigned 6 years
Monuments at Abydos boasting his military success
Military campaigns at Nubia, Syria-Palestine and Levant
Punitive expeditions
Extended Egyptian control south to Tombos (3rd cataract, just north of
Expeditions through gold rich areas (secure mines_
Expedition reached Naharin and erected a stele there claiming it Egypts
border (close to Mitanni)
List omits southern Palestine regiontravelled by water to Byblos
then went on land
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