NMC103H1S - India and SE Asia

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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Maria Subtelny

NMC103H1S Islam in India and Southeast Asia 14/03/13 Pre-Islamic history of India • 1500-1000 BC • Islam has long history in India and SE Asia • India = “Hindustan”—Islamic name • Establishment of Vedic culture—Sanskrit → birth of Hinduism, caste system (also characteristic of pre-Islamic culture; custom was 4 1 classes), Buddhism , Jainism • There were a number of dynastic states, before arrival of Islam Islamic background • Mahmud of Ghazna → dynasty of Ghaznavids (establishes) → raid of India • becomes known as Ghazi → raider/warrior of the faith; engages in 3 holy war • Known for incursions, raids, into N India → lasts until end of 12 c. th • followed by another dynasty—Ghurids → raids into Lahore, Delhi (which becomes capital) • Delhi Sultanate—“slave dynasties” (13 c.—early 16 c.) th • Babur founds Mughals (more accurately Mughal Timurids— descendants of “Tamerlin” o 2 ndhalf of 16 c.→Akbar th o 7 c.→Shah Jahan o 1707—Aurangzib (longest rule) o centers: Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Delhi, etc. (capitals at different times) • Shah Jahan (17 c.), Mughal emperor Colonial Influence in India • British → thro
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