NMC273Y1 Lecture 17: lec 17

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Umayyads from Qurayysh in venu amaiya –most written from
abbasid period –some followed ali –replaced the early Islamic elite –not a caliphate
but a kingship
Sufyanids: 661 Mu'awiya I
680 Yazid I (son of Mu'awiya I)
683 Mu'awiya II (son of Yazid)
Marwanids 684 Marwan I
685 'Abd al-Malik (son of Marwan I)
705 al-Walid I (son of 'Abd al-Malik)
715 Sulayman (son of 'Abd al-Malik)
717 Umar II ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz (nephew of 'Abd al-Malik)
720 Yazid II (son of 'Abd al-Malik)
724 Hisham (son of 'Abd al-Malik)
743 al-Walid II (son of Yazid II)
744 Yazid III (son of al-Walid I)
744 Ibrahim (son of al-Walid I)
744 Marwan II (nephew of 'Abd al-Malik)
750 Fall of the Umayyads/Abbasid Revolution 750
-Umayyad, companion of the prophet, early convert
-gov of Syria since 638 –appointed by umar and in position by uthman
-time to build power base by time he is caliph
-well trained army
-in the jund/military were not in garrison town but were dispersed
-more used to central control that tribesman of the ansar
-kept them busy by going against byzantines in roads and crete
-attacked Constantinople, 674-680 –was not conquered
I. Character of the Umayyad regime
- Who were the Umayyads?
- Sources for the Umayyads and their nature
- Generally perceived as more “secular”
- Titles: khilafa (caliphate) or mulk (kingship)?
- Khalifat rasul Allah
- Khalifat Allah (coins, inscriptions) used during Um period
- Succession
- Generally portrayed as an Arab regime, the “Arab Kingdom” –revenue for arabs
and qur’an written for arabs
-not fully formed caliphate –consensus given by leaders of community came to be
accepted –authority of caliph limited –emerging groups had different views of what
legitimacy consisted of
-Umayyads originally were unfavoured as they were arab-central bias –bad rep in history
–more favourable view: islimization and arabisation were furthered
-held political entity together
-great cultural developments –religious sciences, hadith scholarship and thiq
-further conquests
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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