NMC277H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Romanos Iv Diogenes, Danishmends, Malik-Shah I

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Lec 3 Terms
Shi’i Century (945-1055)
Buyids – iranian Shia dynasty of Daylamite origin, Founded by Ali b Buya (Imad ad Dawla) –
934: conquered Fars and made Shiraz his capital. 945 – youngest borther Ahmad ibn Buya
conquered Iraq and made Baghdad his capital – receiving honorific title Muiz al Dawla. Brought
back practices of the Sassanid dynasty – title Shahanshah.
12ver (Imami) Shi’ism- IThna ashariyyah – largest branch of Shia Islam
Believe in 12 divingely ordained leaders – last imam Muhammad al Mahdi lives in
occultation and will reappear as the promised Mahdi
Instead of Ismail ibn JAfar – accept Musa al Kadhim- younger brother of Ismail
7ver Isma’ili Shi’ism – get theirname from their acceptance of Imam Ismail ibn Jafar as the
appointed spiritual successor to Jafar at Sadiq. Climaxed as political power under the Fatimid
Caliphate. Accept god as one and Muhammad as final messenger. Belief in Ahlal Bayt as
Infallible -
Fatimids- The shiia ismaili caliphate – established in Ifriqiya in the Maghreb when a group of
Kutama Berbers accepted the claims of Abdallah Al Mahdi to be the rightful descendent of Ali
and Fatimaand rose agasint the aghlabids in 909. By 921 – al Mahdi settled in his new capital in
Mahdiyya on coastline of Ifriqiya . Fatimid state extended from modern day Algeria, Tunisia to
the libyan coast of Tripolitania
Nizari Isma’ilis- a concept in Ismailism which defines the political, religious and spiritual
dimensions of authority concerning Islamic leadership over the nation of Believers. Medieval –
known as the assassins – often characterized as a secret order led by a mysterious Old man of the
Mountain. Posed a military threat to Sunni Seljuks under the leadership of Hassan I Sabbah
Saljuqs (1040-1170)
Oghuz Turks- were a historic Turkic tribal confederation. Orginating from Altai mountains of
Central Asia. Well known for militarism
Battle of Manzikert (1071) – fought between the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuq Turks.
Defeat of the Byzantine army and allowed the gradual turkification of Anatolia. Capture of
Romanos Diogenes
Malikshah (r. 1072-1092) – sultan of the Seljuk Empire – son of Alp Arsalan. Accompanied his
father on campaigns, and one such campaign Alp Arsalan died – after that Malikshah was
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