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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Zoe Mc Quinn

C 5 3 t s t Crea*icr,oF llurp.n: C [i^-npcloFc.{."g:(frhnqrr"J- pcttv t fr*"- CrtGlRSe-+- Ccntlall:y/ t Y race.oF Hunrrn5 -€€fcrrG{ec/ 3pedolt',e>' t t t,)Qqiyila t 2)Cp:'.t;t> 3.)tJ'rb;arr> c v"');LUan> t c ft^nk;trL^pa to aceda;fl Cks+;n1 t o'Pte-of{t' t tf"deedt t /)h,cp.+A { hk - cde"r t 2) N;le-scciC jml;ce c ta Q$ttc,lresoc) ( er#re k);ffc*u lo ;hkrge-{.s*h5i-rl rc d;ff*;'t3 ( )rt"zi 7n turre+h,'r..ottfr ikn o(A( ocrn ev4"3*4ce -"{JWl;&" t {ar Wa ;n/o prek;slrr,c>},me' I kra;s ol egyf,at', gcpb "coslkn t -u*-r-.{13fri,;st*;d -na lfrn rrrxt}s I d f, ct€- Grcaetn-hnru^ sccrrc€S k,+ rt^r^lw n4iJf'ah6 ( I I l $rt1a - €k:gk,nts Scrr€-tiffiqr"lac,,{[u&.nvrf toilh cierc.{ rtle"l,.1fb^b,.ila- cQn;{iq, Tt",tf totl-2 b;rcls -2 /,nrlibs*hen' frlqy o*fo,l rclo- -/s';n aoge-o{ile/} ' €rz$ $r*rfr,liol of &;lt, lhat e,k#r-rs ;teuf # lak-'r, tl clrrl:snlet# /p;ra{fr- ItLN{e$,A- { fd}rtfti! u-Yvlct td*rrpg ,{ia1as3 co:;lh;r'ti'r'tc.fe:fi t}c,rtsi//-t 64r-,/ttri€a-/, lr n*rrs pA 6f& *cJ;vtyW ritt^cri rtllt"Eanfion,onl la;ls opt AenpLb.rna &r;ll^,e,S,Si'tt,{c{rc3b"/ €d S- Wd nlr =.gil' un hno"n el3nolo4Y, r--uvot),Po"3v (g&,sft"b,/o*ts\ 4 i )fiate crfur,A errlert'nrc 6g.te 2 lalcm a. rc,(& atliobrta;!1 v - q*ihapc:{e;;l,cS Cnffxlarc un*otnrryd;{Tee^+ de;t-'^o /Yan!1*o E prat6l.une ern eg.7'c,"o) i;nh; r;c..{ftn3"-re.{h;ptr a(tn,fu 9' fu" ^rifr,n,rn-fre.v:s;bb,zrrl;;blp-u,e,lXr,rn;ve/6e "j -A;rtdenord ,euw,ld t pffiJ1cE- ol qCIc/ ir,rpilter f-'tpltar|au>hne.,Jedq;rct o^e /qcrlries} uler&,e' tha* a"fu"/rt,K cn c
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