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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations

Wednesday, November 23/11 Mediaeval Middle Eastern Ceramics R. Mason Iran Important Places • Samarquand • Important regional centre on silk road • Nishapur • Major province on silk road • Seraph • Sirjan Nishapur • Hand grenades • Sphere-conical vessels • As early as 10th century • Those from Nishapur are before mongols (1200’s) • Carried on a little bit after mongols (none past 15th c) • Earlier ones are apple and pear shaped • People do not like calling them hand grenades • 10th century pottery • Red clay bodied, white slip, slip paint lead glaze • Evidence of this kind f pottery before islam • Calligraphy is influenced from islam • Iraqi-like luster wares • Lots of luster wares in Nishapur and Samarkand • Not made in Nishapur • Persian central asian motifs (hats, animals) • Lady with apron and animals • Pagan symbolism • Islamic influence • Basra blue painted ware influence White slip, lead glaze, manganese slip paint with green on inside • • 9th and 10th century • Yellow field ware/buff ware • Defined by yellow Overall spit painted with spit paint, yellow applied as tin opacified glaze • • Advanced technology from Iraq • Whole thing covered with a lead glaze • Lots of cross for filler Rayy • City obliterated by mongols • Grenades are incredible thick • Probably from Jerusalem but they are found all over Hard and brittle • • Stoneware only Wednesday, November 23/11 Mediaeval Middle Eastern Ceramics R. Mason Iran • You get this in the middle east • Does not qualify as decor - gives you a grip when you’re throwing Part of the problem is that some didn’t believe there was gunpowder that early on but the • earliest evidence corresponds with these grenades • Spiral crack from cone of impact • If it was blown up the pressue on inside wall will cause it to explode and break evenly • Shattering goes outwards, not inwards • Point of thicknss and hardness is to contain explosion • Ray 10th, early 11th century AD • Inscriptions in arabic about drinking therefore hypothesized that it was a vessel • Beer bottles don’t have a uniform appearance so this hypothesis is probably untrue • Used when we have evidence of gunpowder, stop when we have guns Petrofabric • Nishpaur mountain region, lots of salt • Samarkand in plains, very fine Samarkand • Slip painted ware • Local design • Florated cufic unique to the area • Samarkad is more fidely that Nishapur • Manganese in slip paint, incised through slip paint • Only find incision at Samarkand • Slip incised ware - scrafiato • Redish clay body, white slip, cut through slip • Slashes in lead glaze • Slip painted • Floriated cufic calligraphy • Quality of painting is of Samarkand Sirjan Siraf • Shale petrofabric • Slashes lead glazes • Lead in east of iran • Scrafiatto in west of iran Central Iran • Dunghan • Sari • Maul • Aghkand • Gurjan Wednesday, November 23/11 Mediaeval Middle Eastern Ceramics R. Mason Iran • Garru District Sari Ware • Attributed to sari with no basis • Medallion motif like at Sirjan • 10th and 11th century • Birds are a common motif with dots of white paint Aghkand w
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