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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations

Wednesday, March 28/11 Mediaeval Middle Eastern Ceramics R. Mason Iznik - Iznik is one of the famous production centers of ottoman epire - Fall of Constantinople - Salesman I the Magnificent - high point of ottoman art (1520-1556) - Perhaps tabriz potters started Iznik tradition - Two production centers - One at constantinople - One at Isnik 1480 - early pottery attributed to Iznik - Don’t know where it is made - chinese influence - Becomes increasingly ottomized - Influence from textiles 1496-1505 - pansies characteristic of this period 1510-1520 - pansy motif significant 1530 - once called ‘golden horn style’ - Twirly spirals 1535 - grapes! - Looks like yuan blue and white 1535-45 - messing around with colours - Chromium pigment (black looks gren) - Also have cobalt and chromium coloring - Starting to open up beyond blue and white phenomenon 1545 - Polychrome - Reign of the Magnificent - Early polychrome is manky 1560 Wednesday, March 28/11 Mediaeval Middle Eastern Ceramics R. Mason Iznik - fully developed polychrome slip painted ware - Tin opacified glaze, sometimes colorless (transparent) with cobalt blue wash - Overglaze paint 1575 - similar to yuan wave and rock rim 1600-1610 - colours more washed out, not as pretty Kutahya Ware - dated 16th c - 18th c - Attributed to Armenia - Armenian ware is always assumed to be Kutahya - Red clay body - Later ware more colorful - Christian and aermenian imagery - Around ottoman empire get a lot of cups - Sign on bottom - copy of mica
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