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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 - Key Buddhist Values - January 23.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
New College
Henry Shiu

January 23, 2013. Lecture 12 - Key Buddhist Values  Five precepts of Buddhist/rules: o No lying o No stealing o No killing o No sex o No alcohol (comes from a time in which the only thing to intoxicate the mind was alcohol)  Buddhist community expected (by the Buddha) to be generous  Monks live? off of generousity of public; go door-to-door asking for food before noon, eat what they get, and spend the rest of the day meditating  Doesn’t mean they have nothing to give; they are expected to be generous with what they learn through their studies and meditations  Generousity is opposite to greed  Wisdom is opposite to delusion  Positive qualities of humanity are always there, but are being covered up by the “three poisons” o Three poisons are?? Greed, Delusion and Hatred? I think?  Positive qualities of the mind are like the sun, already there and providing you with light and warmth  Sun becomes covered up by the clouds, like our positive qualities are covered by the three poisons  When the clouds go away, the positive qualities of the sun/people are revealed o So basically my happy sun metaphor  If positive qualities were and are always there, where did the poisonous qualities come from o Buddhism about channeling negative qualities into good ones and having good outcomes  The “self” is an illusion  When you explain who you are, what you do in life, the kind of personality you have, etc. you are merely explaining who you are in relation to other things in the world o The more we try and describe ourselves, the more we use our placement within a context to make that description o Problem with this is all other things in the world are constantly changing o Logically, this means that you are also constantly changing o Can you understand yourself as constantly changing entity? Logically this is the right conclusion but this is not something people are ready to understand or accept entirely. We spend our lives rigidly protecting who we are; “attachment to self” according to the Buddha o Aside from this attachment to self we don’t have anything constant and unchanging o We are not prepared to accept the idea that things change and one day we will cease to exist  The idea of wanting to acquire more and more things has to do with the preservation of one’s “self” o As do Hatred and Delusion  In protecting yourself you acquire bad Karma because in selfishly protecting yourself through greed, hatred and delusion you are harming the world/those around you o If you don’t believe in Karma or Reincarnation, what is wrong with engaging the three poisons and preserving yourself? Why would you work hard to earn money to just give away? o Success and power of Buddhism in Asian countries has a lot to do with their belief in reincarnation and karma  Idea of the Buddha? Enlightenment? Nirvana? (missed that part) is akin to Santa Claus, as long as the children behave themselves and are good and as long as they get those presents under the tree on Christmas morning it doesn’t matter whether or not Santa Claus exists or whether or not he physically visited the house  “Skillful beings” a concept talked about a lot in Mahayana Buddhism  Many world religions emphasize the idea that their teachings and dogma and scripture and belief system should be held passionately, so much so that people should be ready to die for them  The Buddha specifically stresses to not take his teachings too se
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