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University of Toronto St. George
New College
Professor Alissa Trotz

Week 6 – Independent Thought and Caribbean Freedom  Summary – Operation Bootstrap and Industrialization by Invitation  Epistemic Dependence – Lloyd Best  Epistemic Sovereignty  Role of intellectual classes  Operation Bootstrap: reality?  Increased colonial dependence on US  Concentration of foreign ownership  Local entrepreneurship and know-how marginalized  Pattern of investment did not translate into increased employment opportunities or secure and sustainable work  Society more oriented to consumer ethic of metropolitan counterpart  Steady stream of migration from Puerto Rico to the US in search of employment  Industrialization by Invitation: Reality?  Emphasis on ISI rather than export markets. Manufacturing expansion in fact supported by growth in oil, bauxite, etc.  Capital-intensive (in Puerto Rico)  Little domestic value-added  Later development includes establishment of export-processing zones (i.e. Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica)  Migration  In sum, the policies followed actually increased the regions’ dependency on foreign capital flows  State not an agent of economic transformation, but should also be considered to be an instrument of expropriation and exploitation (Dupuy) – in particular to the case of Haiti  “Where is the slingshot?” – p. 148: What do you think was Best’s aim in using these Caribbean proverbs/colloquialisms? “David, where’s your slingshot?”  Lloyd Best: ‘The aim is to force the Caribbean colonial mind to face the question: How?” (p. 148)  ‘Gov
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