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University of Toronto St. George
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Karen Ruffell

CCT109 May 8- Lecture 1 Textbook Notes convergence: the process by which media technologies, industries, and services are merging Why is some media considered new? • This approach is inadequate, partly because the rate of change in media technologies, services, and uses is so rapid that any list of this sort will quickly become dated • What is new and what is novel • At one extreme, 'newness' can simply refer to updates of long-established commodities, as when car manufacturers reveal their 'new' line of vehicles for the coming year, television networks present the 'newest' sitcom or game show, or mobile phone companies announce a new model that is jewel-encrusted or locates the camera in a new place on the device. • this approach is also problematic because media technologies now considered to be 'old', such as film, radio, and television, were themselves once new • to many of those born after the 1980s (digital natives), even the idea of a world without the Internet, email, mobile phones, computer games, digital cameras, and instant text messaging is simply preposterous: only folks on shows like Big Brother and Survivor don't have access to such devices, and that was their choice. • Indeed, in developed countries, networked personal computers and other digital media technologies are now so common in our work, our home lives, and the myriad everyday interactions we have with each other, that they are ceasing to be 'new' in any meaningful sense of the term • as a result, any approach to new media that simply catalogues the technologies themselves, and fails to ask broader questions about the contexts of their use and their social and cultural impacts, ignores the central question of why there is a need to look at new media in the first place • There is a need to ask 'what's new for society about the new media?' This takes us to the larger question of whether, and how, technologies can act as factors in wider social change while being already embedded in a social context One way that 'new media' had been defined involves the combination of 3 C's: 1. computer and information technologies (IT) 2. communications networks 3. content and digitized media, arising out of another process, (a 4 C), convergence Lecture Slides: Talking drums of WestAfrica: redundancy/trade-offs -an oral culture without writing, print or electronic media seems to be biased toward a particular pattern of sensory and expository capacity that encourages ways of seeing, hearing and knowing -all communication media and communication technologies are extensions of basic, innate human communication capacities. Modern technology is only the latest form of ancient human communication technology -new media embody the possibility that accustomed orders are in jeopardy, since communication is a peculiar kind of interaction that actively seeks variety -standardization and commodification:Ancient Egypt Egypt: first standardized written language Germany: printing press st England: electric telegraph & microphone... 1 motion picture USA/Canada: Bell patent for an apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically... Mark 1 computer Denmark: magnetic storage medium US/UK/France: telstar communication satellite in space (transatlantic signal) Finland: 1 person-to-person text message -all communication media and technology are extensions of basic, innate human communication capacities. Modern technology are only the latest forms of ancient human communication technologies that includes speech, gesture, drama, and social ritual medium: an object in the middle symbols: context-dependent encapsulat
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